Gestión integral de vídeo

Column group

At Enersegur we are able to integrate in a single video platform an infinite number of solutions for urban and Smart City environments.

  • Automatic license plate recognition
  • Face recognition
  • Automatic recording of infractions
  • Traffic density control for integration with traffic light networks.
  • Social distance recognition in urban environments
  • Access control of authorized vehicles in pedestrian areas with automatic generation of penalties.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian counting in bicycle and pedestrian lanes.
  • Forest fire detection
  • Intrusion and fire alarm systems.
  • Heat maps
  • Capacity control


All this with a single video management software with unlimited scalability that combines broad compatibility with more than 10,000 IP devices and an optimized user interface. Enersegur offers unique value through features such as intelligent forensic search on recorded video, visual scene summarization and customizable video analytics supported by artificial intelligence.